Prefabricated Exterior Wall Panels

WHY Panelize?

Manufacturing, Not Construction

Prefabricated exterior wall panels offer several advantages over traditional "stick-built" framing.  These panels are built in a controlled manufacturing environment versus unpredictable field conditions.  This  not only guarantees a higher degree of quality, but also prevents unexpected schedule delays due to weather considerations and other factors.

Design Consideration/Weight Reduction

Prefabricated wall panels can weigh up to 90% less than a precast panel of the same size.  Using StoPanel products, the looks of a precast panel can be matched exactly.


The manufacturing process allows for 100% of the building envelope to be inspected and all punchlist items to be pre-punched prior to panel installation.  Critical waterproofing details are highly repeatable and easily inspected.

Positive Schedule Impact/Dry-In

Panelization allows for the building's exterior skin to be under construction, insome cases ready to install while the structure of the building is still being erected.  As a result of the accelerated duration for the exterior wall installation, the building is dried in at an earlier stage.  This has a positive schedule impact that benefits multiple trades.

Substantial Scaffold Reduction

Minimizing the  use of scaffolding reduces significant cost, time, and safety risk throughout the construction process.  Panelization is also beneficial on projects with zero lot lines and limited staging areas, such as downtown high rises.

Significant Reduction in Required Manpower

The amount of manpower required to install wall panels is significantly less than in traditional framing.  As opposed to having multiple trades in the same space for framing, waterproofing, finishing, etc., only a small installation crew is required.


Manufacturing is 15 times safer then traditional construction.  Building panels in a horizontal, ground level environment and installing them from a crane greatly reduces the risk involved in building off scaffolds.


StoPanel Products

Baker Triangle Prefab offers StoPanel exterior wall systems.  Each product begins with the StoPanel Backup which provides a waterproof barrier, and then varies according to the desired cladding.  All panels can be engineered to match each individual projects needs.


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